"Just a note to say thanks a million, because that's almost how much money you have saved me over the past several years. When I was at Disney's Hotel Queen Mary, I didn't believe it when you showed me how much more money we could make using the BERG system. The first full year we used the BERG system, our pouring cost dropped from 24.4% to 14.6%. With the increased revenue we got from the bartenders not being able to give drinks away or over-pour, we generated an additional $550,000 that first year. What else can I say? Your service is excellent and your insight on the beverage business is worth listening to. Whenever we have a question, you have always been just a phone call away, even in Korea. Feel free to have anybody call me if they want further information."

Paul Stanton, Chief Financial Officer, PM Hospitality Strategies

"At first, I was a little nervous about all the promises you made concerning the BERG system (i.e. installation, reliability, training, performance, service and payback period). Needless to say, you have exceeded my expectations in all of these areas. The most dramatic change in our operation was the reduction of the combined liquor, beer, wine and soda costs from an average of 32% to a steady monthly cost of 20.5%. This was accomplished using the same managers and the same employees, both before and after the system was installed."

David Weeler, General Manager, Holiday Inn

"I am happy to report that after more than a year and a half with the BERG system, all is working perfectly. Without this we would not have been able to hold the line on prices this year due to increased product costs. It is really convenient and cost effective, controlling 16 brands via the Laser-Gun. I would estimate that it has saved us approximately $50,000 over the past year's time."

Joel Feigenheimer, President, The Cranberry Bog

"It is not often I will take the time to write a letter to recommend a product, but your recent installation of the BERG Infinity System definitely warrants praise. At the America's Cup, our pouring cost is derived on a weekly basis. We figure everything it takes to make a cocktail, liquor, juices, soda, fruits, daquari mixes etc. I could not believe what the system has done, keeping in mind the we pour 1.25 oz. and 1.50 oz. on the rocks, our pouring costs are unbelievable, 12.8%. I relate to prior BERG which was 18.2 %, I have saved 5.4%. Our average liquor sales in the summer months are $250,000 at a savings of 5.4%. It relates to $13,500 in our pocket a month, which is well less than a one year payoff."

Frank Maratta, Spinnakers