Why Liquor Controls?

You’ve likely heard it discussed often in our industry, but have you considered liquor controls or wondered if liquor portion control or a liquor control system might serve your operation?

Here are some of the reasons many bar, club, restaurant, casino, hotel, stadium and many other venue owners rely on liquor control systems to help control costs, improve profitability and make informed bar management decisions.

Access Control

  • All bar side liquor bottles have pourer with tamper-evident seal
  • Unsealed (unauthorized) liquor bottles are easily spotted
  • Liquor dispensed through the Laser gun style liquor dispensers is secured in a locked room
  • Beer is only dispensed through TAP2, a locked dispenser – No bottle counting!

Portion, Price, and Inventory Control

  • Consistent drinks
  • Reduces loss from spillage and over pouring
  • Free pour and shot glass are often over poured


  • Eliminates give-aways and theft
  • Records every drink poured
  • Prevents unauthorized pouring after the bar is closed


  • Increase profits by controlling costs. Use the loss calculator to see how much you may be losing!
  • A 1/4 ounce overpour on a one ounce shot increases your cost by 25%!
  • Tens of thousands of dollars are spent for equipment to dispense gasoline, as gasoline prices rise. Yet, liquor costs, often over $100 a gallon, are often dispensed with cheap plastic pourers.
  • Quick pouring increases your server’s efficiency and more pours means increased profits
  • Consistent drinks and more pours equals increased profits and better tips
  • Liquor and beer inventory are secured, so nothing is dispensed without being recorded
  • Dramatically cut liquor purchases


  • Consistent pouring equals better tracking of customer's alcohol intake to help reduce drunk driving
  • Decreases liability insurance premiums
  • Provides stronger defense if ever sued for negligence

How Much Money Are You Losing Right Now

Additional Liquor Control Resources

  • You may find these resources helpful in learning more about “Why Liquor Control” and increasing your bar profitability, as you consider whether liquor control systems are right for your operation. Let us know if you find other resources about liquor controls, liquor portion control, or use of liquor control systems to increase bar profitably that we should include here to share with our industry.

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Deciphering Data
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Why Berg Liquor Control Systems